4 Week Core Kit

4 Week Core Kit

Strengthen your body from the inside - out in less than 5 Minutes Per Day. With a combination of videos (downloadable) and pdf images you will receive 4 weeks worth of core strengthening and tightening exercises. When we focus on laying a strong foundation the rest of the body follows more seamlessly into a fit lifestyle with less barriers and discomforts when it comes to fitness.

The 4 Week Core Kit is laid out to create a strong core from the deepest core and moving outward.

Week 1: Focus is on the Transverse Abdominis Muscle that runs around the core and acts like a corset.
Week 2: Focus is on the Obliques and move the core so we hit those oblique muscles.
Week 3: Focus is on the Rectus Abdominis which is the muscle that runs vertically over the belly.
Week 4: Focus is using all core muscles in a functional manner.

BONUS: Basics workout to help you with correct form AND a lower body workout.
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4 Week Core Kit

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